Friday, October 12, 2012

STL Today: Cardinals familiar with must-win situations

WASHINGTON • They have been to the wrong side of town before, bypassing the safer way home by walking straight into trouble.

Wherever danger lurks, you will find the Cardinals.

You will shout a warning, and tell them to be smarter than this. They will ignore the advice. They’ll do it their way. You’ll see them backed into a corner. You will see them surrounded. You will watch them get knocked down. You will see them staggered. You will wonder how they can recover to rise again.

Here’s what you won’t see: fear.

"We’ve been involved in winner-take-all games," second baseman Daniel Descalso said. "So we’re not panicked over here."

Full Article:
Bernie: Cardinals familiar with must-win situations : Stltoday

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