Monday, October 22, 2012

STL Mag: Best Dishes of STL...

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Edited by George Mahe; By Bill Burge, Byron Kerman, Rose Maura Lorre, Dave Lowry, 
George Mahe, Katie O'Connor, Joe and Ann Pollack, and Andrew Mark Veety
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No. 54 Bánh Xèo

Mai Lee, $8.95

Are bánh xèo, the airy crepes, a relic of Vietnam’s years as a French colony? Who cares, when Mai Lee’s large, crisp-at-the-edges version holds pork and shrimp, bean sprouts and mung beans? Made from rice flour, they’re so light they practically rise above the plate; they’re simultaneously crunchy, soft, warm, and cool. Wrapping chunks in the offered leaf lettuce is optional, but a drib of garlicky fish sauce and a nibble of zesty cilantro are essential. Bánh xèo are often greasy; these are not. 
Mai Lee
8396 Musick Memorial
St. Louis, MO 63144

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