Monday, October 29, 2012

RFT: Five St. Louis Ghost Stories That Just Won't Die

By Tim Lane ~ Mark Twain's Ghost's Ghostwriter

RFT By Leah Greenbaum

"Ghost stories exist because most people want some kind of tangible connection to the past."

So says Christopher Gordon, director of the Missouri History Museum's Library and Collections, whose job title requires that he devote some time looking into local tales of the occult and paranormal.

Yet there's another reason why we love our lore and gore. "Most everyone appreciates a good scare," admits Gordon.

That's especially true this time of year as interest in St. Louis' urban legends grows. Some of these tales, handed down from generation to generation, date back nearly 200 years to the city's founding. Others were born around campfires within the past half-century. And while it's easy to dismiss most of these yarns as an out-and-out fallacy or exaggeration, some fables refuse to be laid to rest — no matter how outlandish their claims. Here are five of those tales.

Believe them...or not.

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