Tuesday, October 16, 2012

STL Today: Cards-Giants blood feud continues

Photo by Chris Lee

SAN FRANCISCO • The Cardinals’ hardest hit of the night was Matt Holliday’s rolling-thunder takedown of Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro in a zealous and successful attempt to break up a double play.

Holliday nearly broke Scutaro in half in the first-inning blitz, and the St. Louis left fielder can expect a fine from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. But the tough, unyielding Scutaro didn’t crawl off. He ignored the pain of a hip injury to stay in the game to wreck the Cardinals with his own big hit.

Setting up with the bases loaded in the pivotal fourth inning, Scutaro shot a line drive across Holliday’s bow...

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Bernie: Cards-Giants blood feud continues : Stltoday

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