Thursday, October 25, 2012

STL Mag: Best Dishes of STL...

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Edited by George Mahe; By Bill Burge, Byron Kerman, Rose Maura Lorre, Dave Lowry, 
George Mahe, Katie O'Connor, Joe and Ann Pollack, and Andrew Mark Veety
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Pan-Roasted Freshwater Prawns

Oceano Bistro, $13

Chefs know that presentation sells the dish. That’s why executive chef Jon Lowe sells a trawler’s worth of these freshwater prawns every week. This is an appetizer that masquerades as a mini entrée: Four monster prawns are sautéed, shells on, and set atop a grilled slice of baguette with a moat of saffron-scented seafood broth below. Spectacular—but intimidating. That is, until the server asks, “May I remove those shells for you?” at which point smiles appear and the diner easily navigates what might be the city’s best shellfish appetizer.

Oceano Bistro
44 N. Brentwood
Clayton, MO 63105

16125 Chesterfield Parkway West 
Chesterfield, MO 63017


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