Thursday, October 25, 2012

O'Fallon, Mo., looks to create identity

Photo by Brian Flinchpaugh
By: Brian Flinchpaugh

O’Fallon has set the stage to spend as much as $2.8 million during the next dozen years to implement a community landscaping and information program.

The Citywide Landscape Identity Plan (CLIP) calls for, among other projects, large and small entrance signs to not only indicate boundaries but also direct people to various locations in the city.
The intent is to develop a community consciousness or "brand" for O'Fallon that might not currently exist because of the city's rapid growth. Part of developing that identity includes signs and other projects to give O'Fallon a consistent "look" residents and others can identify with, said Tom Drabelle, the city’s communications director.

Drabelle outlined aspects of the program to the City Council during its Oct. 11 work session.
The long-term plan calls for large monument signs along interstate entrances to the city, an “information hub” using LED technology to provide updated information to motorists and pedestrians, “wayfinding” signs to direct people to various points and smaller street signs at entrances to the city...

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