Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jay out at home. Molina hits into double play. Going to 8th

Nationals 1      Cardinals  2
Bottom 7th

Inning Breakdown
Jay gets a single. Hits it to first, 1st baseman drops ball, throws to Pitcher and is bobbled. SAFE - Jay on 1st. (ERROR on LaRoche)

Beltran gets a base hit. Jay on 2nd. Beltran on 1st. 

2 runners on, NO OUTS!

Holliday hit by pitch. BASES LOADED NO OUTS.

Nationals change pitchers.

Craig due up to bat. 

Craig grounds to short stop. They make the play at the plate. Jay is out at home. (1 out)

Molina hits into double play. 3 outs. 


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